Cattle Shelters



12' x 40'

12' x 30'

12' x 20'

Quality Features


Constructed with all new materials
Built on 6" pipe skids with tow hooks for easy moving
2" square tubing for purloins
3" x  3/16" steel frame
Your choice of colored metal and trim

Options Available

  • Self-Catch Gate
  • Complete Set of Gates for Headgate Bldg
  • 12 ft. Steel Divider Gate
  • 10 ft. Steel Front Gate
  • Swing-up Calf Gate
  • 4 ft. Overhang per linear ft.

More Features
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          Calf Gate Opened

Calf gate closed



Swing Up Calf gate

Features a simple chain lock for quick adjustments.  Allowing for quick open and closing of the gate. A durable latch to secure closure.



Chain Latch


All gates have quality built latches and hinges to support the abuse many animals put them through.  They are all made for easy opening and closing and ensure security.



Wooden Wall

Your choice of side walls.  Square tubing to offer durability and strength. Or durable paneling for easy cleaning and a sharp appearance. Also wooden side walls for a sharper look.

 Head Gate

Durable Headgates for easy handling of your cattle.


Built on 6" pipe skids with tow hooks for easy moving.

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